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Talent Mosaic Consulting

Our passion is about identifying the right talents for our Clients to achieve and sustain competitive advantage.

Our Values

People make the difference between a great organization and a mediocre one. They are the ones that strategize, plan, organize and execute the business. The competitive edge of an organization is therefore defined by its people.

While talents can be developed within an organization there are times when talents need to be acquired in order to “jump-the-curve” and onto a higher level of competitive advantage. In today’s fast-paced economy, the speed with which strategic talents are brought into an organization would ensure a decisive win over the competition.

Our business is to partner you in defining and acquiring the right talents in your organization based on their knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviour. These competencies are identified and matched with potential candidates to ensure a fit with the person, the job and the organization. The synergy of talents is not left to chance but is planned proactively for our Clients.

There is no one type of talent that will fit all organizations. Instead, a combination of competencies that define talents are needed by a successful organization. We can provide you with this competitive advantage by identifying, assessing and recruiting the best matched talents for you.